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While CrowdStrat as an agency is relatively young, the work that we do goes back to 2014, when our founder, Miguel Aparicio, brought his extensive experience in the world of marketing, public relations, copywriting and business strategy into the world of crowdfunding.

Since then, Miguel started working with entrepreneurs from all over the world to help them create crowdfunding success stories.


With original and attention-grabbing content and well-designed and executed strategies for each campaign, Miguel has helped countless people to create successful Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, Patreon, and other crowdfunding campaigns.


So far, between Miguel's work and the work that we've already done as an agency, under Miguel's supervision, we have helped raised well over 1.5 Million Dollars, with an overall success rate of 92%.

On a more personal note, Miguel was born in Lisbon, the sunny capital of Portugal in 1980. Although Miguel is a native Portuguese speaker, a great deal of his education was with native English teachers, which quickly helped him to become a fully bilingual individual. He also fluently speaks and writes in Spanish, and he is an advanced French speaker as well.

Miguel studied Philosophy and Law but ultimately worked mainly in the fields of communication, marketing, and business strategy. A student of History, Economics, and Finance, Miguel is also an investor and a small family office money manager, along with being a serial entrepreneur.

Since 2014, Miguel lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia's thrilling capital, where CrowdStrat is based. Miguel is happily married to Nani, his beautiful Colombian wife, and together they have a huge adopted furry family: 13 dogs and 3 cats! They also founded a very special dog school in Bogotá, which is directed by Nani.

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We're a crowdfunding strategy and communication agency and education center dedicated to help create successful crowdfunding stories for the entrepreneurs who follow us and that we work with.

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