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Navigating the challenges of garnering attention and funds for your GoFundMe, GoGetFunding

The Solidarity Feed

Where promoting your fundaiser online becomes more effective with the #1 GoFundMe promotion service—also focusing on DonorBox, Raisely, GiveButter, Fundly, GoGetFunding, GiveSendGo, FundRazr, and Better World crowdfunding campaigns.

Navigating the challenges of getting attention and funds for your GoFundMe, GoGetFunding, or other donations-based crowdfunding campaign is made seamless with The Solidarity Feed.

Our comprehensive package, encompassing social media posts, blog content, local media story pitching, and other marketing strategies, provides an affordable solution for amplifying your online fundraiser.


Offering a simple, turnkey approach, The Solidarity Feed significantly enhances the likelihood of success for your fundraising campaign.


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Specialized Better World promotion services

Mastering the Art of GoFundMe Promotion and Donations-Based Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing: The Formula for Success requires Emotional Storytelling and Multimedia Engagement

Crafting a succesful GoFundMe campaign demands a unique blend of passion, storytelling, and practicality. It's essential to  succinctly articulate your cause and its significance. This entails weaving an emotional narrative that captivates potential donors, emphasizing the human aspect. Transparency is paramount; outline your financial needs, detailing precisely how contributions will drive impact.

Constructing an aesthetically pleasing campaign page is just as pivotal. Leveraging engaging multimedia, from impactful images to a compelling video, is a must so that your narrative can be vividly conveyed. Then you need to get friends and family members involved, but obviously you also need to harness the strength of social media. Beyond engaging your network, creating shareable content and nurturing a community around your cause is decisive. That's where we come in.


The Solidarity Feed by CrowdStrat brings a harmonious fusion of emotional storytelling, strategic multimedia application, social media engagement, and proactive outreach that importantly increases the chances of your campaign to get funding. While no campaign is ever guaranteed to be funded, The Solidarity Feed Boost brings your campaign significantly closer to achieving its goals.

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Whether you run an established NGO or you're raising funds for any cause, please get in touch with us to activate The Solidarity Boost for your online fundraiser.

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