• Miguel Aparicio

The Role of Your Family and Friends in Crowdfunding

Your friends and family members should be the first backers and ambassadors of your crowdfunding project.

If your family and friends become your campaign's very first backers, then your chances of success are quite high because, statistically, campaigns do better when the crowdfunder's closest people are there to boost the project from minute 1.

However, this is not just about making contributions. Your friends and family members can also help you by sharing the campaign, commenting and liking it on social media.

They can also talk to other people about it in the offline world and help you organize a launch party, which is a great and fun way to kickstart the campaign. In fact, they can bring along other friends and family members of their own to the party, which will multiply the effect of their presence and support.

In the video above, we explain exactly the kind of ideal role that your family members and friends would ideally have in your crowdfunding campaign.

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